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Trihelix Timeline

We solve today’s unique problems, enabling leaders and teams to have successful, productive and meaningful collaboration - virtually. Our purpose is to provide the tools and face-to-face support to deliver success.

2012 - Practicing our craft
Trihelix Group was formed by a small group of experienced facilitators. The business was established and the group continued to practise its facilitation craft with clients across a number of industries. Published 'Facilitating for success - A managers guide'.
2014 - Exploring leadership
The group explored how technical managers transition into highly effective leaders. Work expanded globally to help projects and teams align their facilitative, technical and acceptance work. 'Project success through leadership' was published.
2016 - Building acceptance
The Trihelix group researched the efforts required to win over people's hearts and minds. It focused on change management with a strong emphasis on project acceptance work. 'Building project acceptance - a handbook' was published.
2018 - Going beyond the obvious
A pivotal moment! The Trihelix group recognised that doing the facilitative, technical and acceptance work is not enough. Solving problems needs people to be open and willing to think differently. The focus shifted to 'going beyond the obvious'. 'Team Success Framework, toolkit and scenarios was published.
2020 - Pivoting the business
With COVID, the face-to-face business model collapsed. The Trihelix group was challenged with pivoting to a 'virtual' platform. It worked. We are now helping others with their own transition to collaborate 'virtually'. We feel fulfilled, still learning new things and have never been busier.
Today - Virtual collaboration
The Trihelix group is focused on facilitating complex virtual sessions and helping clients build a virtual collaboration 'culture'. We have established a 'micro learning' platform and training program to embed virtual collaboration capabilities.