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Micro Learning

A new way of learning



Simplify your training delivery

With micro learning, you don’t create huge, hour-long single modules — you start by creating a knowledge map of your training content. You simply engage your learners to eliminate knowledge gaps.

Promotes active learning

Active learning makes it safe to make mistakes while exploring content more deeply. The processing and probing lead learners to form connections among content from different training modules and experiences. It empowers learners to control their learning by exploring and engaging more deeply with content.

Leaderboards and contests

Learning designers have found that leaderboards and contests are a great way to motivate learners, enhance team building, and drive performance. That’s because customised leaderboards and contests motivate learners to complete more Mastery Moments, work toward their individual mastery goals, and edge out their competitors as they master new content and eliminate knowledge gaps.

Ensure long-term knowledge retention

Traditional eLearning quizzes exercise only a fraction of your content, and it’s one-and-done. But over time, Micro learning exercises 100% of all content, using spaced repetition and adaptive algorithms as part of a robust knowledge retention strategy to ensure learners are actually retaining the information.

Showcase your training success

Using our analytics, watch your knowledge gaps decrease, and see how mastery correlates to better performance on the metrics that matter most.

Learning made for now

Micro learning

  • Bite sized bits of information
  • Chunked, spaced repetition training
  • Adapt to individual learner’s knowledge
  • Daily prompts for 2-minute activity
  • Fill knowledge gaps using learner analytics


  • Individual/department/toolbox talks
  • Promote collaboration and (friendly) competition with co-workers

Micro learning modules

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