‘Let’s be very clear, virtual collaboration is not the same as a virtual meeting, it’s all about working, collaborating and getting things done’

What is a collaboration campaign?

A collaboration campaign simply describes people working together with a common purpose and shared goals. They use planned activities over a period of time to achieve a particular goal.

Collaboration session types

COVID drove the need for virtual collaboration but many are discovering the untapped power of this approach and look to continue embracing it. While face-to-face collaboration was the most common prior to COVID we have also seen the introduction of a hybrid solution engaging teams in remote locations in conjunction with office-based teams. We have learnt the pros and cons to each approach and are experienced in facilitation across all platforms.

Why use this approach?

Meetings are often met with disdain, are costly in both time and budget and can be challenging to keep all attendees fully engaged. Digital collaboration takes a fresh approach and can bring hundreds of team members from across the globe together in an efficient and productive manner.

The benefits of adopting a campaign-based approach: 

  • Allows incubation time between sessions so our sub-conscious brain can continue to work and create new insights, ideas and clarity around the problem.
  • Takes people on a journey of awareness, understanding and adoption to build alignment, clarity and focus.
  • Increases the level of commitment by informing and educating over time to form a foundation for people to commit.
  • Easier to arrange and access people for short, sharp and focused sessions as opposed to one long meeting.
  • Regular communications to connect with people, and to share information to build a deeper understanding of issues.

Download our Collaboration Pack here (PDF).