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Organised Mindset Inspiration Ideation Projects Improvement Ownership Collaboration


“Being organised amplifies the openness and acceptance of the echnical work in people’s hearts and minds.”

Being organised underpins the facilitation work which amplifies the openness and acceptance of the technical work in people’s hearts and minds. Being organised is a skill set that can be learnt and is fundamental to leading productive conversations.


“Challenge your mind to sharpen and redirect your thinking to generate out of the box, provocative and diverse ideas.”

A growth mindset is fundamental to openness. It challenges your mind to sharpen and redirect your thinking to come up with new ideas and overcome obstacles. It also generates out of the box, provocative, exciting, diverse and radical ideas along with new perspectives and a sense of creative confidence.


“Build a deeper understanding and desire to change, by being motivated and learning from others.”

Inspiration is fundamental to openness. Inspiration builds insights into making problem-solving creative, fun, practical, simple and repeatable. It also establishes a desire to change your game, by being motivated and learning from others.


“Ideation broadens peoples view, build ownership, ensures ideas are not missed and shares accountability.”

Ideation harnesses the collective knowledge and experience of a group and funnels their thinking to deliver an agreed, aligned, concise, and prioritised set of actions.


“Managing projects establish the benefits, confirms scope, resources, timing, and risks then deliver, monitors, and closes out the work.”

Projects describe the technical work needed to plan, organise, secure and manage resources to ensure successful completion of the goals and deliver the scope as promised.


Business improvement takes opportunity from its start to finish with reaising its benefits within the business.

Improvement describes the technical work needed to take an opportunity from conception through to realising its benefits when institutionalised within the business.


“Traditionally, we focus on the technical solutions and assume the solution will be accepted.”

Ownership ensures that all the technical work is undertaken meaningfully and accepted by everyone. It engages and excites people to be part of our work at a sub-conscious level.


Effective collaboration builds acceptance and is driven by honesty, trust and respect.

Collaboration builds acceptance by ensuring that all the technical work is undertaken meaningfully by everyone. It brings people together from different backgrounds and cultures to share knowledge, experience and combines their efforts to solve problems.

The Team Success Framework describes graphically the four conversations types, with subsequent topics. Its starts with the Team Success Formula describing the importance of facilitation and its relationship to openness, technical and acceptance
Flowing out of the Team Success Formula are eight sub-elements describing the topics of conversations. The topics begin with facilitation work and being organised, then openness work designed to foster a growth mindset, inspiration, and ideation.

Next, there is the technical work around projects and improvement.

And, finally, the acceptance work focused on building ownership and collaboration.

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