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Success Formula

“The success formula describes the relationship between the various types of conversations.”

"Facilitation is fundamental and not just an additional component. It influences and amplifies openness, technical and acceptance work."

The better the facilitation work the better the openness and conversations amongst the team, leading to improved solutions, technical outcomes and levels of acceptance.

As shown in the formula, effective facilitation fosters openness around the technical and acceptance work.

This openness allows people to think differently – to look for better solutions by applying a growth mindset, being inspired and generating ideas.

This openness work prevents a team coming up with the same answers to the same problems. The facilitation work also builds acceptance of the technical work in people’s hearts and minds.

For example, as a team, have you ever:

  • Written a document that no one read?
  • Created a detailed plan that was not followed?
  • Introduced a process that was rejected?

How successful was your team?

These simple examples share the importance of acceptance.

The truth is that, without acceptance, success is impossible. Hence, it can never be assumed to exist.

Team success requires us to work in four distinct areas:


Bring the best out of people by amplifying the openness and acceptance of technical work in people’s hearts and minds. To be self-aware, genuinely care about the team and prepare for and deliver meaningful and productive conversations that are safe, open and non-judgemental. This skill set that can be learnt.


Go beyond the obvious. To make a difference. To challenge, sharpen and redirect thinking towards provocative and radical ideas. Make problem solving creative, fun and repeatable. Establish a desire to change, by being motivated and learning from others. Harness the collective knowledge of a group and funnel their thinking to deliver an agreed, prioritised set of actions.


Deliver the tangible outputs from the work. To plan, organise, secure and manage resources to ensure successful completion of goals and deliver the scope as promised. To take an idea from start to finish and realise the benefits in the business.


Establish urgency and commitment to ensure all the technical work is undertaken meaningfully and accepted in people’s hearts and minds at a sub-conscious level. To bring people together from different backgrounds and cultures to share knowledge, experience and combine their efforts to solve problems.