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New collaboration book – the story so far

This is a quick recap on what I have learnt so far from interviewing 30 people from 16 sectors for my new book.

We have seen some real insights on “Collaboration”. I just interviewed an Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics team, and it was amazing to hear how they collaborate. I still have more interviews to complete.

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Success snap shot

This Team Success Snapshot describes team success, the success formula and teams framework elements forming the foundation for building and having effective teams. Elements include:

  • Organised
  • Mindset
  • Inspiration
  • Ideation
  • Projects
  • Improvement
  • Ownership
  • Collaboration

Success survey

This Team Success Survey is a simple approach to evaluate your team against the Team Success Framework elements. Use it as a conversation starter and if you want to explore more detail conduct a formal Team Success Maturity Assessment.

Success framework

The Teams Framework is the foundation for building and having effective teams. The framework provides a structure to help teams

foster and conduct productive and meaningful conversations. This document describes the Teams

Framework and its underlying elements and sub elements by which teams can work together to deliver success. It contains:

  • Purpose and vision
  • Values
  • Team Success
  • Delivery model
  • Teams framework
  • Teams mindmap
  • Framework elements

Success scenarios

This document describes Team Success Scenarios which are a compilation of topics within the

framework. The 30 common scenarios are industry standards and provide a recipe for success. They are predefined, pre-planned and drive targeted conversations. It contains:

  • Teams success framework
  • Scenario outline
  • 17 project scenarios
  • 13 improvement scenarios

Success toolkit

The Teams Framework is the foundation for building and having effective teams. This document describes the Team Success Toolkit with nearly 150 (and growing) tools designed to help teams foster and conduct productive and meaningful conversations.

It contains:

  • 33 Organising tools
  • 13 Mindset tools
  • 8 Inspiration tools
  • 15 Ideation tools
  • 13 Project tools
  • 29 Improvement tools
  • 26 Ownership tools
  • 12 Collaboration tools

Success maturity assessment

This Team Success Maturity Self-Assessment (TSMAT) guideline provides a process and framework. The framework consists of eight elements which are divided into 28 sub-elements.

This Team Success Maturity Self-Assessment (TSMAT) guideline can also be used formally or informally as a tool to engage your team in exploring what is leading practice.

Each element can be asked in isolation, depending on your specific concern and focus area. Alternately, you could ask questions at the key sub-element level in an informal discussion to tease out an overall picture of how the team is performing.

The guideline can also help begin conversations with other teams to build relationships and foster collaboration. In addition, the guideline may be viewed as an educational resource for use in raising your team’s understanding of leading practice as well as helping to build an effective team.

Project success through leadership

How a technical manager transitions into a highly effective leader​

Are you a technical manager who has always wanted to achieve project success by becoming a highly effective leader? Well this book is for you. It provides a simple, yet powerful step-by-step methodology that will walk you through how to become a highly effective leader. In David’s third book he describes the Project Fundamentals an effective leader must apply to deliver project success. The insights have been collected over his long career and more recently through 70 interviews with current managers.

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Building project acceptance

A quick reference handbook to monitoring your project’s health.

Successful leaders who have made the transition from technical manager, recognise the importance of efforts to win over people’s hearts and minds to a project. Too often we can unwittingly overlook the power of harnessing our own people’s skills and experience. This handbook is a quick, in-the-field reference guide for building and maintaining project acceptance – a vital aspect in achieving success.


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